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Hey, so, professional creep and pervert Dov Charney, the founder of American Apparel and the guy responsible for their softcore-porn-like advertising, has been fired due to alleged misconduct. This is the same guy who has been hit with numerous sexual harrassment lawsuits, and “is famous for buying employees vibrators as presents; for asking them to masturbate in front of him; for walking the factory floor in his underpants, or wearing a sock where the underpants might have been. In 2004, a female journalist claimed that he had oral sex with a female employee while being interviewed for Jane magazine.” [x] He has also “faced a sex-slave lawsuit, undergone an immigration investigation, been threatened with bankruptcy, and has been long criticized for running the company’s notoriously “racy” ads.” [x]

He’s finally been fired, and the company is in the hands of a two new co-chairmen.

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    A few of the reasons why I don’t buy AA clothing.
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    Wtf? That is horrid! (the link above the original text)
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    Here he dancing with his dick out with two employees in the room and another on the phone to him....
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