Following on from my previous two zines, I’m working on a new series called Ugly Girls, and need your help to raise money for printing. I’ve set up a Kickstarter for that very purpose, where every donation counts as a preorder so when the zine is complete you have a copy guaranteed. £5 gets you a copy of the zine, whilst £10 gets you a zine and exclusive extras such as prints, postcards, and possibly badges and/or textiles. There is an extra £1 charge for any donations outside of the UK for postage costs. 

Pretty Girls Don’t Eat.

It’s a phrase that is thrown around frequently online and in real life. It’s supposed to inspire, motivate, and encourage people who are dieting or want to lose weight, but instead has a morbid undertone that reeks of eating disorders and unhealthy intentions. Not only that, it is used to shame girls who do eat, calling them ugly or fat as though a healthy appetite is a sin. Similar to the well-known Kate Moss quote ‘nothing feels as good as skinny feels’, it may have had harmless or ignorant origins but has since grown to be a phrase used to degrade those of us who eat and elevate those of us who don’t into a glorified (and delusional) state of superiority. It also raises the question of: who are these girls trying to be ‘pretty’ for anyway? For themselves? Or is it another example of society and the patriarchy’s standardised beauty expectations influencing and manipulating a person’s life? 

Ugly Girls is a zine that will subvert this phrase and turn it on its head. Featuring local girls as models and local eateries as backgrounds, Ugly Girls aims to disprove the myth that is “pretty girls don’t eat” in the messiest way possible. Not only that, the photographs taken will question the meaning behind the phrase entirely. If pretty girls don’t eat, wouldn’t you rather be ‘ugly’?

Pre order on Kickstarter and help cover printing and making costs!