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I'm Sophie, and I'm a DIY artist/photographer based in Norwich, England. I'm the editor of Parallel Magazine, which can be found [here]. I'm an activist, feminist, and writer/photographer/journalist. My Twitter is @sophieephotos. Ask me stuff [here]

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Nothing is 100% yet, but the venue have said yes to the idea of a zine fair and the date will either be the 31st August, 7th September or the 14th of September. Table fee will probably be around £3 for a small space and £5 for a big space.

SO! If you want to come and sell your zine in a city renowned for art and culture, pop me an email at and I’ll put your name on the preliminary list. You don’t have to have a whole back-catalogue of zines to your name - you might just have one that you really want to sell, and that’s cool. Everyone is welcome!

Norwich is really easily accessible, particularly from London and surrounding areas. There are trains and coaches and you can even get there on a plane from places in the North like Manchester. Plus, it’s a really small city so there’s no chance of getting lost, and also has two universities so is full of students.

I’ll be making a poster and stuff soon, this is just the basic stuff for now.

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